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East Carolina University is dedicated to supporting writers and instructors of writing in order to prepare students for academic and professional success.

Through the University Writing Program, The Writing Foundations Program, and various other initiatives, the university brings timely and valuable resources for individual and curriculum development that engage both students and faculty.

University Writing Program 
The University Writing Program includes two important components: the University Writing Center and The Writing Across the Curriculum Program.

The University Writing Center (UWC) offers peer consulting services to students, faculty, and staff of ECU. Face-to-face and online appointments can be made to work with trained undergraduate and graduate writing consultants at any stage of the writing process.

The UWP also consists of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program, which is designed to assist student in acknowledging and applying the differences in writing conventions across the disciplines. Central to the WAC Program are the Writing Intensive courses offered by programs across the university. The WAC Program also provides extensive faculty support through a variety of professional development opportunities.

The Writing Foundations Program includes two composition courses — English 1100: Foundations of College Writing & English 2201: Writing about the Disciplines. Together, these two courses are designed to introduce students to writing in the university and writing in the majors.

Other programs to support writers and instructors of writing include the Quality Enhancement Plan: "Write Where You Belong" and the Tar River Writing Project. More information about these initiatives can be found under the "Programs" tab above.

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