Graduate School
Graduate School
Electronic Theses and Dissertations Libguide
A new libguide has just been created to help graduate students complete their thesis or dissertation.  It details formatting, requirements, forms, procedures, and important instructions to help you finish your degree with no complications in ten detailed and easy to follow, custom-made pages.  Be sure to check it out before and during your thesis or dissertation work!

Daniel Ladin
Cancer-fighting compound developed by doctoral student
Read how doctoral student Daniel Ladin and team, received a patent for a cancer-fighting molecule that has proved effective at killing cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue.


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Logan Barefoot
Logan Barefoot | Overland Park, KS
Child Dev. & Family Relations, MS
Melanie Duffrin
Melanie Duffrin
Professor, Nutrition Science
Regina Herpin
Regina Herpin | Houston, TX
I/O Psychology, MA