School of Theatre and Dance
Grapes of Wrath cast onstage

Recent Developments

The Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre was first transformed from the Wahl Coates School gymnasium to a flexible theatre space over twenty years ago, and through the years it has increasingly required renovation. Until recently, the walls and windows of the Studio Theatre leaked, causing water damage and warping of the floors. Additionally, the lighting booth was condemned, the electric circuitry was under-powered, and the ambient lighting was dim and unpleasant.

However, renovations for the Studio Theatre began the summer of 2001 and were completed in the fall, just in time for the beginning of classes. The newly renovated Studio Theatre now has bright, efficient overhead lighting, a floor for classes and rehearsals, fresh paint, renovated dressing rooms and bathrooms, and a new working lighting booth. The Studio Theatre now provides a conducive atmosphere and facility for classes and rehearsals, and a viable theatre space for workshop productions.