Master of Science in Network Technology

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These programs focus on technology management, application to practice, and creative problem solving in technology driven industry and business. The programs are shaped around the following program objectives.

  • To provide an advanced technology education geared toward the needs of our rapidly-changing global economy.
  • To instill advanced problem-solving skills and technological decision making capabilities in our learners through analytical thinking, applied research, technology development, and productivity improvement
  • To provide a balanced spectrum of technology courses that integrates managerial and technical concepts
  • To prepare graduates for leadership and team membership roles in technology driven enterprises
  • To provide an advanced understanding of the managerial processes and techniques involved with the operation, development, and evaluation of technology systems through analytical projects and research papers involving industry problems and applications
  • To equip students with the necessary skills to conduct technological research and development projects in professional settings
  • To contribute to the development of the skilled workforce that elevates the competitiveness of the technology-based organizations in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

MSNT Concentrations:


Professional Science Masters

Professional Science Masters:

The Master of Science in Network Technology is a part of a nationally recognized set of programs designated as Professional Science Master's (PSM) programs. The PSM program's innovative approach encourages graduate students to pursue advanced training while simultaneously developing workplace skills that are highly valued by employers today. Graduate students who complete the practicum option for degree completion will have the opportunity to incorporate industry-relevant, problem-solving activities into their studies alongside mentors in the field. In addition to receiving a Master of Science degree in Network Technology, graduate students completing the practicum option will also receive a Professional Science Master's designation on their transcripts.

Computer Requirements:

The Department of Technology Systems provides a wide variety of graduate programs in industry and technology fields. Graduate degrees and certificates are provided online and in traditional formats. Most degrees can be completed in two years.

Students who are enrolled in a graduate program at the Department of Technology Systems are recommended to have access to a computer that meets the minimum specifications that are described under the category "Graphic Design PC with OpenGL". The details of the technical requirements can be found in ECU's Computer Purchase section at Graduate students should read the guide carefully and make sure that their computers comply with the criteria designated under "Graphic Design PC with OpenGL".

Students who are pursuing the thesis track option or conducting practicum projects should consult with their academic advisor to determine the optimum system configuration.

For more information, contact:

Department of Technology Systems
Office of Graduate Studies
(252) 328-9653