Center for Sustainability

Welcome to the Center for Sustainability

Welcome to the Center for Sustainability at East Carolina University. The Center was originally established as a Center for Sustainable Tourism in the mid 1990's, and relocated to East Carolina University in the fall of 2007. In the fall of 2013, the Center expanded it role to include natural resources and the built environment. Today, the Center is focused on research and outreach within North Carolina, but also has applications throughout the world. The Center currently partners with numerous industries due of the multidimensional nature of sustainability. Faculty and staff within the Center have expertise in a wide variety of areas from engineering to recreational studies. Today, through ongoing efforts to establish partnerships and cooperation with varied stakeholders the Center is working hard to prepare for a brighter tomorrow.

Mission Statement

East Carolina University's Center for Sustainability seeks to establish partnerships with businesses, organizations, and industry to foster sustainable efforts within the communities of North Carolina.  The center serves as a local resource to promote the importance of sustainable practices through community outreach.  Our commitment is to expand the knowledge of sustainable practices beyond the traditional scopes of conservation and preservation.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is forward innovation. It is change that keeps the thought in mind that everything needed for survival depends either directly or indirectly on the environment. So sustainability is an ongoing pursuit to create and maintain conditions under which humans and nature can coexist in dynamic harmony.

The Three P's of Sustainability

Sustainability is malleable. It isn't constrained to one industry-it effects all. Being sustainable is an ongoing practice; a journey to enhance practices to increase well-being for people and the natural environment. In order to be sustainable, three elements need to take priority: (1) People (2) Planet (3) Profit. To achieve sustainability people must benefit and be included in decision making. The environment and natural resources need to be conserved and protected. Finally, sustainable efforts need to be efficient and viable. Through a combination of these elements sustainability can be accomplished.