Please note the following dates:

Spring 2018 and Class Visit requests open: January 2, 2018

University Writing Center opens: January 10, 2018

: Faculty Forms

Select from the forms below for your requests for a class visit, apply for a writing mentor or to propose a WI course.

: Student Forms

Select one of the forms below for student employment.

Intro to UWC Request Form
UWC Introductions are 10-15 minute sessions about the services we offer and how writers can schedule an appointment. For this request, please complete the form below "Intro to the University Writing Center."

University Writing Center Workshop Request

UWC Workshops are 30-45 minutes sessions about a writing topic you think would benefit your students. Past workshops have covered topics such as Writing as a Process, APA style, MLA Style, Literature Reviews & Synthesis, Academic Integrity, etc. 
Graduate Consultant Application
Graduate Consultant and Mentor Applications
Please complete the form that best describes the position for which you would like to apply. The Graduate Consultant application also has the option to apply to become a mentor for a WI course.

Writing Mentor Application Form
Writing Mentor Application

Apply to have a writing mentor work specifically with your course. 


Writing Intensive Course Proposal Form
University Writing Across the Curriculum Committee Writing-Intensive Course Proposal
All existing WI courses must comply to the new Writing-Intensive Course Proposal format and submit an audit addressing how they are going to comply. 
Undergraduate Consultant Application
Undergraduate Consultant Applications
Please complete the form that best describes the position for which you would like to apply. 

Student Nomination Form Icon
Student Nominations Form
Do you know a student who would be a good writing mentor/writing consultant? Nominate them to take ENGL 3875: Peer Tutoring. ENGL 3875 is a Writing Intensive course that prepares students with the theoretical and practical aspects of working with writers.

University Writing Program