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Writing Mentors are undergraduate or graduate students embedded in a Writing Intensive course. Meet our team for Spring 2016. More questions about Writing Mentors? Visit: Becoming A Writing Mentor or Writing Mentors (for faculty interested in having a writing mentor for their writing intensive course).

Meet Alexis

I am pursuing a Middle Grades Education degree with concentrations in Math and English. I love creative writing. I like writing because it's an outlet for me. I consider myself proficient in sentence structure and grammar. I am looking forward to getting to know new people in the writing center and helping students make the most out of their classes this semester!

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Meet Brandon A.

I am a Philosophy/Criminal Justice Dual Major, which has allowed me to focus on persuasive essays and other argumentative styles of writing. I enjoy reading all types of writing including fictional/creative works, or things as serious as research based papers. I enjoy writing because it is an opportunity to express your opinion and have the opportunity to give everyone a new perspective on an old subject (as with Philosophy). I am most looking forward to working with the Writing Center because it is an opportunity to experience new writing styles and personalities, and help others become better writers.

Meet Carolyn
One of my favorite things about writing is discovering and cultivating your own style, and using it to better express yourself. Sometimes I find it easier to do so in writing rather than verbally. My writing skills are the most proficient in my creative writing/story writing, however I am rather adept at academic writing as well. My favorite kind of writing is creative, as it is what I do the most often. My original intention was to use my B.A. in English to help me become an author, and publish some of my work. I'm looking forward to exercising my writing skills to help others, and by extension help others sharpen their own skills and develop their own writing style.

Meet Kristen

I am an undergraduate consultant majoring in Child Life with a focus on helping children and families cope through medical experiences and normalizing hospital settings.I love writing and helping others write because it is a multidimensional form of communication. It is a means of providing technical information, an avenue of expressing feelings, a way of conveying thoughts, and so much more. I successfully help writers get their “creative juices flowing.” Whether the task is brainstorming a topic, creating a thesis sentence, effectively phrasing an idea, or writing a conclusion, writers need intrinsic motivation and a broad range of ideas. I also coach writers through analyzing and expressing their thoughts so that their intentions can be clearly written with higher-level language. I work with writers so that we as a team can generate and/or improve the writer’s piece of work. By working together, we learn skills and gain knowledge from each other that may go beyond one particular assignment.

Meet Laura

I’m a nursing major with a strong interest in writing and helping students to convey their ideas. Writing often does not get the credit it deserves because of the experiences many students have with it over their academic career. However, it is writing that gives students a voice amongst a crowd. Each assignment should be unique to the mind of the author because the entire purpose is to effectively convey their ideas to their audience. I personally prefer a rhetorical analysis because of the creativity it allows but have experience in a broad range of writing, and new assignments are interesting to me. I look forward to experiencing the ideas that students have and helping them to improve on sharing their ideas with others. Once I’m able to work through this feat with my fellow Pirates and get near the end of the writing process, I also have an interest in the mechanics of writing so that words that sound right to an author can also be understood by any audience.

Meet Monica

I am a graduate student in Education (Elementary). While my favorite kind of writing is most notably fiction, I find that I am very proficient in writing academic research papers. I love being able to research and find information from a variety of sources as well as organizing that information in an effective manner to convey the true purpose of the paper. I love writing because it allows individuals to express their ideas, passions, and interests to the world no matter their level of expertise or background. It was Virginia Woolf who said, "Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works." To me, writing is a reflection of one's true self. My strengths in writing include: APA formatting, academic research, and general organization and structure of papers. I look forward to working with a diverse population of writers, and I hope that we will learn and grow together during our time at the University Writing Center.  

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Meet Rachel

My background is in scholarly writing, particularly for research. I also have a strong interest in consumer-based blog writing. I enjoy writing because it gives you a chance to stand out. Whether it is for ourselves or for others, for fictional or scientific writing, every piece written involves putting a piece of yourself in it. I enjoy all types of writing, with my personal favorite style being persuasive essays. I’m looking forward to connecting with people who desire to improve their writing capability and discover their own style and expertise as we work together in the writing center.

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