Undergraduate Graduation Process

Meet With Your Students

You are encouraged to meet with your student at least two semesters before graduation. At this meeting, a Degree Works audit will be evaluated, Catalog and Degree Information will be verified and corrected in the Students Banner Record and any remaining substitutions should be processed with the Degree Works Share point form

The Degree Works Evaluation

The purpose of the Degree Works evaluation is to provide an advising tool outlining specific degree requirements for graduation and show student academic progress.The Graduation Services office will process the official review of the Degree Works audit. If there is an error, the student and advisor will be notified. Questions can be referred to the Amy Barber at

The Graduation Application

Application for Graduation should be completed online through the students Pirate Port account at time of the Degree Works evaluation. Please visit for student instructions on how to apply online.

Process for Graduation- This document is a flow chart of the Undergraduate graduation process by Student class.

Undergraduate Graduation Process for Advisors - This document describes in detail the process of graduation for Advisors.

Undergraduate Graduation Process for Students -This document describes in detail the process of graduation for Students.