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Foreign Travel Funding


All foreign travel must be approved by the Vice Chancellor. Airline Tickets, Registrations, or Travel Advances cannot be processed until the Vice Chancellor has approved the foreign travel. Travelers are allowed one day of travel before the beginning of a conference and one day of travel after the conclusion of a conference. If more days of travel are being requested for reimbursement, documentation must be attached to justify the extra travel days. If the reason is that lower airfare was realized, documentation from the travel agency is required showing the amount of money that was saved. The amount of savings must be enough to cover any extra hotel or meals expenses that are incurred. Exchange rate must be shown on the reimbursement form. Conversion calculations must also be shown on all backup documentation. Use  Currency Conversion Calculator.


Steps to processing a Foreign Travel:

1. Complete section one of the new travel form reimbursement form. The travel form is located on the Accounts Payable website.

2. The traveler’s signature as well as the supervisor’s signature is required before the traveler goes on the trip.

3. List the TR#.

4. Attach back up concerning dates of the meeting and business information. Also list the account number that your department will use when travel is processed.

5. The department will need to send paperwork to the Vice Chancellor’s office for prior approval.

6. This approval is needed from the Vice Chancellor’s office before the department processes the registration or airline information for payment to be prepaid by the University.

7. Once approved, paperwork will be returned to your department. Hold on to this paperwork and attach original approval from the Vice Chancellor’s office with the new reimbursement form once trip has been completed.

8. Attach a copy of this approval to the registration paperwork and airline paperwork when sending in to the ECU Travel Office to be processed.

9. Once the travel is completed, fill out section two listing only out of pocket expenses in part seven. Also complete section two and three of the reimbursement. Need to show breakdown of each expense from foreign currency into US dollar.

10. Original travel package should be sent to the ECU Travel Office.

11. If the reimbursement is submitted more than thirty days after the departure date, a late memo must be attached to the travel package when processed.