ECHI Building

About the Center for Epidemiology and Outcomes Research

The core mission of the Center for Epidemiology and Outcomes Research (CEOR) is to provide leadership and expertise in the areas of cardiovascular disease prevention, health promotion, and outcomes research. The Center's activities include the collection, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data, primarily focusing on the translation of cardiovascular outcomes into actionable, evidence-based practices. Outcomes research is important for detecting performance changes and implementing quality improvements when necessary.

Additionally, unwarranted, costly, and potentially harmful modifications to current clinical practice can be avoided. An emphasis on patient-centered outcomes, including individual risk factors and measures of disease severity, enables physicians to provide relevant and targeted information to patients and other stakeholders such as family members and caretakers. This information is particularly valuable for patients and their medical team who must decide on the best strategy for managing their care.

The East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI) is a tertiary care, population-based heart hospital located in eastern North Carolina, a rural region with a large economically impoverished population. The institute is the largest stand-alone facility devoted to cardiovascular care in the state of North Carolina. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in North Carolina with an unequal burden occurring in eastern North Carolina. The majority of patients treated at the East Carolina Heart Institute live and remain within a 150-mile radius of the medical center. Clinical outcomes have been collected and reported by our institute for over 25 years. Over its history, the ECHI consistently has been recognized as leader in the field of cardiovascular surgery and patient focused outcomes.